Amsterdam Marathon –

Amsterdam Marathon

2 hours 10 min

Tour Overview

  • Pricefrom $ 80
  • Reference42 km., 21 km., 8 km.
  • Start Date10/18/2020
  • TypeMarathon
  • Departure CityAmsterdam
  • End CityLe Champion
  • Contact
  • Cancellation policy1975
  • StatusLabel Road Race Gold
  • LocationNetherlands / Amsterdam
  • Durations 6 hours

Tour Description

Gold labeled, Amsterdam marathon is a beautiful city marathon with thousands for participants yearly.There are five events scheduled on the day of the race: the marathon, the Mizuno Half Marathon, the TCS 8 K run, the Skylanders Kids Run and the Mini Marathon. The first TCS Amsterdam Marathon as we know it today was held on 3 May 1975. The marathon remained on Dam square until 1989. Amsterdam’s new start and finish venue became Museumplein. Via the newly-constructed Amsterdam ArenA, the Amsterdam marathon finally returned to its former venue, the Olympic Stadium

The route is packed with things worth seeing in Amsterdam. As such, you pass the world-famous Rijks Museum on the Museumplein twice and you also run past the Museum of the Tropics and the Amstel Hotel. And along the way, the enthusiastic residents of Amsterdam cheer you on. Vondel Park is also part of the course. In the full marathon, Amsterdam’s largest public park is first approached from the Amstelveenseweg. The second time you come from the opposite direction and enter the park from the Leidseplein side. The 48-hectare park, full of flowers, ponds, footpaths, and playgrounds is a favorite among Amsterdammers.

Tour Highlights

Aid Stations

There will be a sponge and water station along the route, handing out water and sports drink (Isostar) as well as fruit to the marathon runners. Toilet and first-aid facilities will also be available.

Award Medals

Each participant will receive a medal after the finish. After the event, you can turn this medal into something really special by personalizing it and having your name and performance engraved on the back at the engraver’s stand between the Olympic Stadium and Sporthallen Zuid. If you have ordered in advance, there is a medal on your bib number.

Equipment Storage

You can check a bag or clothing for free at the Olympic Stadium (for the TCS Amsterdam marathon participants) and in the car park of the sports venue Sporthallen Zuid (for the Mizuno half marathon and TCS 8K participants). Please leave bags and clothes at your own risk. Clothing cannot be taken into the stadium. Clothing that is left behind will be given to charity.

Maximum Time

The time limit of 6 hours to finish the race.

Know before you go

The course leads the participants through Amsterdam’s city center and passes many highlights, which would also be worth a separate sightseeing tour.

Olympic Stadium

The start and finish of the marathon take place in front of the grandstand in the Olympic Stadium. This splendidly renovated, over 85-year-old stadium will leave a memorable impression at the end of the race. Supporters and other spectators have free access to the grandstand and the bleachers.


The TCS Amsterdam Marathon will lead marathon runners through the heart of the Rijksmuseum, the famous passage which connects Amsterdam city center with the south of Amsterdam. This promises to be a unique experience for the many thousands of entrants from the Netherlands and other countries. The monumental building contains some of the most world-famous works of art by celebrated Dutch masters such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Vermeer.


The largest public park in Amsterdam has an entrance at the side of the Leidseplein. The 48-hectare park is full of trees, ponds, paths and playing fields and is dearly loved by every resident of the city. On sunny days, thousands of Amsterdam residents enjoy the park. Everyone can be found there, from sports fanatics to the health conscience to music lovers, occupied in their different ways. The variety of activities makes wandering through the Vondelpark especially fascinating in the autumn. During the marathon, the runners will cross the Vondelpark twice.

Amstel River

The route of the marathon follows part of the Olympic route along the Amstel River, past stately mansions and several windmills. This rural part of the course has splendid panoramic views and gives an impression of the busy activity dominating the Amstel every day. In the distance, the Arena is visible–the home stadium of the local Ajax football team. The meandering route along the Amstel is not only interesting for its range of scenery but also for—more importantly—the sight of other participants running on the other side.

Zuidas Business District

For the third year in a row, the marathon will go through the Zuidas area of Amsterdam. This ‘new part’ of Amsterdam is characterized by its impressive architecture of highrise offices and apartment buildings. The image of Zuidas changes constantly and provides both from the helicopter as on street level a spectacular background to experience the event and support the runners. The route through Zuidas has the shape of a small circle, making it a perfect spot to watch the runners go by several times.

Tour Includes

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  • Highway
  • Pacemakers
  • Pasta Paty
  • Refreshments
  • Sport Expo
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