Roma-Ostia Half Marathon –

Roma-Ostia Half Marathon

Tour Overview

  • Pricefrom $ 25
  • Reference21 km.
  • Start Date03/08/2020
  • TypeHalf Marathon
  • Departure CityRoma
  • End CityOstia
  • Contact
  • Cancellation policy1974
  • StatusLabel Road Race Gold
  • LocationItaly / Rome
  • Durations 3 hours

Tour Description

Roma Ostia was born on March 31, 1974, at the time the distance to be covered was 28 kilometers, and the athletes ranked 313!

Today, now in its thirty-seventh edition, it is one of the longest-running races on our peninsula and is the most attended by Italian athletes. The distance is the classic one of the half marathon (Km 21,097) and the path, mostly flat and very fast, has made it a race loved by runners, who often here, along the road that leads from the capital to the sea, have made their personal record.

Tour Highlights

Aid Stations

There will be water and sponge provisions along the route. Three stations at around kilometers 5,11, and 16 and one sponge station (unless there are particularly difficult weather conditions), around Km 13. At these stations, athletes who drop out of the race along the way may hand in their chips. There will be a ‘sweeper bus’ and ambulance behind the last athlete. It will also be possible to turn in the chips on the ‘sweeper bus’ for athletes who drop out along the way. At the finish line, there will be refreshments including water, tea, and fruit.

Maximum Time

The outside time limit for race completion is 3 hours.


Your time will be monitored from the moment you pass the starting line, till the moment you pass the finish line and at three other points along the way thanks to special sensors that register the progress of your chip.

Know before you go

Tour Includes

  • AIMS
  • Highway
  • Pacemakers
  • Pasta Paty
  • Refreshments
  • Sport Expo
  • Timing

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